Hawai’i Learning Groups is a partner with Project ECHO® (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes). Our goal is to increase access to specialty care, especially for rural and under-served populations.


Join us for the ongoing 12-week series focused on Hepatitis C in Hawai`i. This series comes in the context of a White House initiative to eliminate HCV in the United States. Our inaugural speaker was Dr. Risha Irvin from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and a leader in this national effort.

The series started on Monday, August 28, from 12-1:30 HST, and continues through November 20, 2023. Participants can earn no-cost continuing education credits for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and others to improve testing, curing and follow-up of people with chronic hepatitis C infection.

Check the Programs Menu for the schedule and faculty! Additionally, see the Resources menu for an enormous amount of excellent content.

We are grateful to the Hawai`i Department of Health, Hep Free Hawai`i and the Hawai`i Health and Harm Reduction Center for their sponsorship.

Contact dan@hawaiilearning.org to share interest or for more information.


ECHO is a methodology for sharing knowledge. It is intentional education. It “moves knowledge, not patients”. It is a way for interdisciplinary groups to collaborate regardless of geographic separation.


ECHO leverages technology to bring scarce resources to under-served and rural populations. It is a way to deliver the right care in the right place at the right time. ECHO creates a virtual learning community that enhances access to specialty care statewide.


Curriculum Development

ECHO methods lend themselves to addressing medically complex care. We can help define what is important and what is relevant to the learning needs of your target group.

Video-Conference Expertise

We have skills to produce video-conference sessions with the Zoom tool.

Outcomes Measurement

We are outcomes researchers. We take attendance and track participation. We use surveys for continuing education accreditation and to measure progress towards the goals of improved access to care and learner self-efficacy.

Coordination and Scheduling

We have tools to help launch additional curricula using the ECHO model.

Faculty Development

Each ECHO session benefits from a good teacher and skilled facilitator. HLG helps others develop these skills.