The first session of the special series on Coordinated Care was enlightening.  Jared Kumasaka, a community pharmacist, explained details about pharmacy workflows that can help clinicians and pharmacists work together more effectively.  Kevin Glick, CEO of the Lihue Pharmacy Group, explained the history of Pharmacy Benefits Management companies and their critical role in the e-prescribing process.  Other clinicians and pharmacists shared their knowledge.  Now I have a little more insight into why we discover formulary coverage only when the pharmacist submits the claim.  I understand more why I get refill requests sometimes as an electronic fax and sometimes as a structured EMR refill request.

Join in this week on Thursday, July 19, when the Stanford Coordinated Care Team leads a conversation about developing team care, roles and responsibilities, communications, using standing orders and protocols, and more.  This looks like great content we need in Hawaii to help move health care in the right direction.

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