2016-18 Clinic Resources

YearDateSessionResources (LINKS)
Thirteen-week Endocrinology CurriculumEndoECHO Curriculum-021016
November 1What is ECHO? What is diabetes?What is ECHO?

What is Diabetes?
November 8What food satisfies? Flavor pairingsVIDEO: Satiety

What Food Satisfies?

Flavor Pairings
November 15Measurement: estimates and trendsMeasurement: Estimates and Trends
November 29How to get strongerHow to Get Stronger!

The essential role of exercise in the management of type 2 diabetes
December 6What should I drink?What Should I Drink?
December 13How do diabetes medicines work?How Do Diabetes Medicines Work?

Drug Delivery, 2001
December 20Group choice
January 10Cheap food; COOKING DEMOCheap (Tasty) Food
January 17What do you look like healthy?VIDEO: Healthy Self

What Do You Look Like Healthy?
January 24Portion sizesPortion Size
February 7How much water should I drink?How Much Water Should I Drink?
February 14Roasting and grilling: COOKING DEMORoast a Sweet Potato

Maillard Reaction
February 21Sleep and diabetesSleep and Diabetes

Quantity and Quality of Sleep

Increased Melatonin Signaling

Circadian Mis-alignment


Incidence of Diabetes in Men with Short Sleep
February 28What is the core? What is core strength?Core Strength

JAMA article on Risk of Abdominal Fat
March 7One minute of aerobics?!One Minute of Aerobics?!

PLOS1 article on 1 minute exercise
March 14What to do if your feet hurtDo’s and Dont’s of Diabetic Foot Care
Diabetes Foot Care Guidelines
Amputation Prevention
March 28Low Sugar. HypoglycemiaHypoglycemia Presentation
April 4High Sugar. HyperglycemiaHyperglycemia Presentation
April 11Self-monitored Blood Glucose PatternsSelf-monitored Blood Glucose Patterns
April 18How Do Insulins Work?How Do Insulins Work?
April 25Side Effects of DPP4, GLP1A and SGLT2 TreatmentsSide Effects of Newer Diabetes Treatments
May 2Optimizing Diabetes Care With Limited FormulariesDiabetes Medicines Available in the Pacific Islands
May 9Change Talk, Change Tools
May 16Diabetes Distress
May 23How to Assess Capacity for Self-Management
May 30Group Choice
June 6Team CarePopulation Based Care