HCV ECHO 2023 Resources

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HCV Case Presentation FormDownload Form
Attestation Form to Prescribe HCV Direct Acting Antivirals without Prior AuthorizationDownload Form
August 28
HCV Epidemiology; Elimination Efforts
View Presentation by Dr. Risha Irvin
Watch Dr. Risha Irvin's Talk
Federal Implementation Plan for the United States for Viral Hepatitis
Fleurence-Collins HepC JAMA Viewpoint March 9, 2023
CBS Morning Show, 8/4/23, with Dr. Collins talking about HCV Elimination Plan
September 11
Brief Overview: Hawai`i State Elimination Efforts
HCV Diagnosis and Lab Evaluation
Hep Free 2030: The Hawai`i Hepatitis Elimination Strategy
View Presentation by Thaddeus Pham
View Presentation by Marina Roytman
University of Washington Hepatitis C Online
DLS Test Directory: HCV Ab w/Rflx to RNA Quant & Geno
Liver Function Tests
Elevated Liver Enzymes
September 18
HCV Treatment Options
View Presentation by Naoky Tsai
AASLD Simplified HCV Treatment Algorithm 2020
Liverpool Hep Drug Interaction Checker
September 25
Pharmacy-based and Community-based HCV Care
View Presentation by Melissa Bumgardner and Hiromi Saito
Resources for Cross Cultural Medicine (Links)
HRSA 340B Drug Pricing Program
American Liver Foundation - Financial Resources Guide (2018)
October 2
Fibrosis Assessment
View Presentation by Chuong Tran
FIB-4 Calculator
Fibroscan Reporting Guidelines Article and References
October 9
Fatty Liver/ NASH
View Presentation by Naoky Tsai
NAFLD Fibrosis Score
NAFLD Simulator
October 16
HCC Surveillance; Patient Adherence and Follow-up
View Presentation by Tomoki Sempokuya
GALAD Score Calculator
Article on What Makes a Good Screening Test
REACH-B Score for HCC (from
Interventional tools to improve medication adherence: review of literature
The challenge of patient adherence
Motivational Interviewing Techniques
Motivational Interviewing: Do's and Don'ts
October 23
HCV Treatment with HBV and HIV Coinfection
View Presentation by Marina Roytman
AASLD Recommended Management of DAA Treatment Interruptions Ask the Experts about HBV
CMS Codes for HBV Screening
A possible case of maculopapular eruption associated with glecaprevir/pibrentasvir treatment for chronic hepatitis C virus infection
October 30
HCV Among Special Populations (Houseless; Formerly Incarcerated; SUD)
View Presentation by Anthony Martinez
Hepatitis C: State of Medicaid Access
CDC Recommendations for Hepatitis C Testing
Among Perinatally Exposed Infants and Children —
United States, 2023
November 6
Hepatitis Care Coordination
View Presentation by Aaron Ruddick
NIH Book LiverTox: page on risperidone
November 13
Standing Orders for Vaccines
View Presentation by Dan Saltman
View Paij's story
Using Standing Orders for Administering Vaccines: What You Should Know page on Standing Orders
Hepatitis B Vaccine Standing Order
Viral Hepatitis Guide for Primary Care Providers
Screening, Vaccination, and Billing, from CA Dept of Health
Hawaii Revised Statutes (325-033) regarding vaccines
CDC page on HBV Vaccine
Hawai`i Health and Harm Reduction Syringe Exchange Program
What you should know about Xylazine
November 20
Participant Choice: Review HCV Indications, Contraindications and Treatment; Common Pitfalls, Approach to Treatment Interruptions, et al
View Roundtable Presentation
AASLD's HCV Guidance: Recommendations for Testing, Managing, and Treating Hepatitis C
AASLD Simplified HCV Treatment Algorithm 2020
AASLD Guidance on Incomplete Adherence
The Queen's Liver Center