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August 22
Program Goals, Harm Reduction Principles, Orientation to ECHO
View Presentation "Goals of This HBV Series and Introduction to Harm Reduction" by Thaddeus Pham and Heather Lusk; Aug 22, 2022
View Presentation "What is Project ECHO" by Dan Saltman, MD; Aug 22, 2022
Case Presentation: Filipino male with elevated LFTs and HBV viral load
Case Recommendations_082222
An expert concensus on treatment of chronic hepatitis B in Asian Americans (Myron Tong Article)
CDC Hepatitis B Questions and Answers for Health Professionals
August 29
HBV Epidemiology/ Introduction to HepFree 2030
View presentation by Thaddeus Pham; Aug 29, 2022
Hep Free Hawaii website
Case Presentation: Korean female with LFT flare on initiation of buprenorphine
Case Recommendations_082922
CDC: Testing Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders for Hepatitis B
Update on Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis B: AASLD 2018 Hepatitis B Guidance
DLS Test directory: HBV Quant. w/ Reflex to Genotype
LiverTox: Clinical and Research Information on Drug-Induced Liver Injury: Buprenorphine
September 12
HBV Screening and Diagnosis/ Family counseling
View presentation by Marina Roytman, Sep 12, 2022
Case Recommendations_091222: 56 y/o Chuukese male with chronic HBV, low viral load, LEP
Liver Function Tests "Ask the Experts" about HBV
Accuracy of non-invasive diagnostic tests for fibrosis is patients with NAFLD
Resources for Cross Cultural Medicine (Links)
September 19
Initial Evaluation of Persons with Chronic Hepatitis B
View presentation by Naoky Tsai, Sep 19, 2022
Dr. Tsai's template for initial evaluation
Case Recommendations_091922: 69 y/o Korean female s/p liver transplant, pruritus, multiple medications
Article on HCC risk in patients with HBcAb positive
J. Amer Geriatrics Soc 2019 Beers Criteria for drug evaluation in elderly
Pruritus Protocol shared by Chuong Tran
Article on Cholestasis and Behavioral Disorders
September 26
Evaluation of Fibrosis and Cirrhosis
View Presentation on Fibrosis Evaluation by Chuong Tran, MD, September 26, 2022
Case Recommendations_092622: Patients with isolated HBVcAb positive or HBVcAb plus HBVsAb positivity
FIB-4 Calculator
NAFLD Fibrosis Score
NAFLD Simulator
Resources for patients with Hepatitis B Core Ab positive (in multiple languages)
October 3
HBV Treatment Resources
View presentation by Amy Tang, October 3, 2022
Watch video of Oct 3 presentation
Case Recommendations_100322: 55 y/o Thai male with CHB, eAg negative; concomitant NAFLD, pre-diabetes and ASVD
HBV Mgmt: Guidance for the Primary Care Provider (from UW)
An expert concensus for the managment of chronic hepatitis B in Asian Americans
Chronic Hepatitis B Treatment Decision Tool for Adults from Stanford Asian Liver Center
(Extra Credit) The role of quantitative hepatitis B surface antigen revisited JHEP 2017
(Extra Credit) Letters on Quant HBsAg in clinical prediction of cure
October 10
When to Initiate HBV Treatment/ Choosing Initial HBV Treatment Regimen
View presentation by Naoky Tsai, Oct 10, 2022
Watch video of Oct 10 presentation
Case Recommendations_101022: 64 y/o Cauc male with hx treated B-cell lymphoma and co-infection with HBV and HCV
University of Liverpool Hepatitis Drug Interaction Checker
Interventional tools to improve medication adherence: review of literature
Form 1157 Instructions (Referral for serious mental illness community care services)
Med-QUEST Division Provider Forms
October 17
Preventing HBV Perinatal Transmission
View Presentation by Seiji Yamada, Oct 17, 2022
Watch video of Oct 17 presentation
Case Recommendations_101722: Lived experience video; cross-cultural and inter-generational perspectives
Reproductive Health and Liver Disease-AASLD Guidance
HI State Office of Language Access Roster of Language Interpreters and Translators
Aflatoxins and Liver Cancer from the NCI
October 24
Screening for Hepatocellular Carcinoma
View Presentation by Chuong Tran, Oct 24, 2022
Watch video of Oct 24 presentation
Case Recommendations_102422: 56 y/o VN woman on entecavir with persisting detectable HBV DNA
REACH-B Score for HCC (from
Host and Viral Genetic Variation in HBV-Related Hepatocellular Carcinoma (2018 article from Frontiers in Genetics)
October 31
HAV and HBV Immunizations
View Presentation by Melissa Bumgardner, Oct 31, 2022
Watch video of Oct 31 session
Case Recommendations_103122: 62 y/o Samoan woman with untreated CHB, obesity, and advanced fibrosis
Using Standing Orders for Administering Vaccines: What You Should Know page on Standing Orders
Hepatitis B Vaccine Standing Order
Hawaii Revised Statutes (325-033) regarding vaccines
November 7
HBV Reactivation
View Presentation by Marina Roytman, Nov 7, 2022
Watch video of Nov 7 session
Case Recommendations_110722: Filipino male ICU nurse with hx HBV vaccination, started on multiple myeloma tx with worsening LFTs
Reactivation of Hepatitis B Virus: A Review of Clinical Guidelines
November 14
[Participant Choice]: Practical Review of Chronic HBV Treatments
View Presentation by Marina Roytman, Nov 14, 2022
Watch video of Nov 14 session
Case Recommendations_111422: Chinese immigrant with CHB found during pregnancy, uninsured. Multiple insurance and access links in this document
November 21
Occupational HBV Postexposure Prophylaxis
View Presentation by Rodolfo Begue, Nov 21, 2022
Watch video of Nov 21 session
CDC Guidance for Evaluating Health-Care Personnel for Hepatitis B Virus Protection and for Administering Postexposure Management
Isolated Anti-HBc: Significance and Management
November 28
HBV Co-infection (HCV and HIV)
View Presentation by Chuong Tran, Nov 28, 2022
Watch video of Nov 28 presentation
From Guidelines for the Use of Antiretroviral Agents in Adults and Adolescents with HIV; Considerations for Antiretroviral Use in Patients with Coinfections
From Hepatitis Australia: Complex situations Co-infection and Immunosuppression
December 5
Access to Care, Insurance, Continuity of Medications
View Presentation by Michael Haight, Dec 5, 2022
Watch video of Dec 5 session
Case Recommendations_120522: f/u on 6/9 y/o Korean female s/p transplant with pruritus, et al
RxOutreach Online Pharmacy
Associations between Dietary Patterns and Bile Acids—Results from a Cross-Sectional Study in Vegans and Omnivores
December 12
[Participant Choice]: Optimizing Chronic HBV Care for Uninsured Patients
Watch video of Dec 12 session
Case Recommendations_121222: 39 y/o Marshallese woman with indications for chronic HBV treatment, but uncertain insurance coverage
Contribute to Shared Document: HBV Resources for Uninsured Patients in HI
The Challenges of Hepatitis B Treatment in the US-Associated Pacific Islands
Reactivation of Hepatitis B Virus: A Review of Clinical Guidelines
American Liver Foundation - Financial Assistance Resources (2022)
HRSA 340B Drug Pricing Program