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Great news about the AMA’s new policy that supports the ECHO model

Dear ECHO Community Members, I would like to share some exciting news. We learned late last week that at its national conference, the AMA (American Medical Association) adopted a new policy to encourage use of telemedicine, specifically highlighting the use of the ECHO model. See below to read more about the AMA’s decision: The […]

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Great session on July 19 from Stanford Coordinated Care

Advancing the Role of the Medical Assistant was a fascinating presentation and discussion about how health care team members can each contribute to meaningful patient care. By having co-located team members who work to the top of their certification potential, providers and patients benefit. Additionally, the work of Medical Assistants and other team members becomes […]

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Stanford Coordinated Care Team coming to Hawaii

The first session of the special series on Coordinated Care was enlightening.  Jared Kumasaka, a community pharmacist, explained details about pharmacy workflows that can help clinicians and pharmacists work together more effectively.  Kevin Glick, CEO of the Lihue Pharmacy Group, explained the history of Pharmacy Benefits Management companies and their critical role in the e-prescribing […]

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