Hepatitis and Liver Health Resources

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January 15
HCV_Initial Case Presentation FormDownload Form
HCV Treatment OptionsView Presentation by Naoky Tsai, MD, January 15, 2021
Jan 15_2021 Video Recording
AASLD Simplified HCV Treatment Algorithm 2020
January 22
Pharmacy-based HCV CareView Presentation by Melissa Bumgardner, PharmD, Jan 22, 2021
University of Liverpool Hepatitis Drug Interaction Checker
University of Washington Hepatitis C Online
January 29
Community-based HCV CareView Presentation and Cases by WHC Team, January 29, 2021
Resources for Cross Cultural Medicine (Links)
February 5
NAFLD/ NASHView Presentation by Naoky Tsai, MD, February 5, 2021
February 12
Fibrosis AssessmentView Presentation by Naoky Tsai, MD, February 12, 2021
FIB-4 Calculator
NAFLD Fibrosis Score
NAFLD Simulator
February 19
Extra-hepatic Manifestations of HCV InfectionView Presentation by Naoky Tsai, MD, Feb 19, 2021
Article on Occult HBV Infection
February 26
Post-treatment Surveillance for Hepatocellular CarcinomaView Presentation by Marina Roytman, MD, Feb 26, 2021
Motivational Interviewing Techniques
Motivational Interviewing: Do's and Don'ts
March 5
Patient Adherence, Education, and Follow-upView Presentation by Hiromi Saito, RPh, Mar 5, 2021
Interventional tools to improve medication adherence: review of literature
The challenge of patient adherence
Evidence-Based Pharmacotherapies for Alcohol Use Disorder
March 12
HCV Care CoordinationView Presentation by Alan Cota, March 12, 2021
The Liver in Celiac Disease
Liver Function Tests
Elevated Liver Enzymes
March 19
Standing Orders for VaccinesView Presentation by Melissa Machida, PharmD, Mar 19, 2021
An expert concensus for the managment of chronic hepatitis B in Asian Americans
Using Standing Orders for Administering Vaccines: What You Should Know page on Standing Orders
Hepatitis B Vaccine Standing Order
Hawaii Revised Statutes (325-033) regarding vaccines
March 26
HCV Treatment Access, Patient Assistance, GenericsView Presentation by Melissa Bumgardner, PharmD, Mar 26, 2021
HRSA 340B Drug Pricing Program
American Liver Foundation - Financial Resources Guide (2018)
April 2
Substance Use Disorder TreatmentView Presentation by JP Moses, APRN-Rx, FNP, Apr 2, 2021
ASAM Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale
Serial Quantitative UDS Reports Example
April 9
HCV/HIV Co-InfectionView Presentation by Dominic Chow, MD, April 9, 2021
April 16
Treatment Criteria for Hepatitis BView Presentation by Amy Tang, MD, April 16, 2021
HBV Mgmt: Guidance for the Primary Care Provider (from UW)
REACH-B Score for HCC (from
April 23
Wound CareView Presentation by Christina Wang, DNP, April 23, 2021
Wounds on Wheels: Implementing a Specialized Wound Clinic within an Established Syringe Exchange Program in Baltimore, Maryland
OASIS and Minor Procedures Clinic at SF General
UCSF Medical Center Guideline for the Management of Suspected Skin and Soft Tissue Infections in Adults
April 30
Overdose PreventionView Presentation by Heather Lusk, MSW, April 30, 2021